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Benefits of residence- and citizenship-by-investment

Residence- and citizenship-by-investment gives you the opportunity to connect with the world and use your talent to shape the future you want. With a second residence permit or passport, you can travel more freely, live where you want, provide a better future for your children, and so much more.

Hassle-free travel
Travel freely across the world without the hassle of visa applications, and access new exciting opportunities. Save your precious time and money too.
A new home
Turn your favorite destination into your new first or second home and become part of the community.
Investment opportunity
Become a true global citizen and expand your professional future and financial assets across borders. Enjoy the benefits of economic agility and mobility — no matter what.
Enjoy the opportunity to enhance your skills at some of the best educational institutions in the world and have a say in a complex future.
Safety and security
Put safety first and ensure you and your family can live in a stable, secure country that isn’t burdened by threats. Minimize your concerns and maximize your joy.
Future guarantee
Ensure your future generations have the best opportunities to reach their full potential. Plant the seeds today to ensure your legacy can reap the harvest.
Protect your identity and valuable information with citizenship in a country that respects your privacy. It’s your life and you should have control over who has access to it.

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